Rug Cleaning Cork

Rug Cleaning Douglas have been operating a Rug cleaning service since  1995.

We can clean fine rugs such as:

  • Oriental
  • Navajo
  • Persian
  • Kilims

While most rugs can be Steamed Cleaned. Rug Cleaning Douglas inspects each Rug and determines which  Rug cleaning method is best suited to the rug.


Rug Cleaning Douglas will check dyes for fastness.  Depending on the fabric we will then determine which cleaning solution and at which temperature to clean he rugs. We will then spot clean any stains that the cleaning process could not remove.
The rug then dries naturally within 2 to 3 hours.

Most  rugs can be cleaned by All Brite deep steam cleaning in the customer’s house. If needed the rug can be picked up cleaned and returned to the customer within a week.

For a small charge we can apply Aqua Seal Fabric Protector. This protector prevent stains from penetrating the fibre and lengthens  the time between cleanings.